Career Management made relevant

Most human resource software is outdated and doesn't work for the individual or the manager. We make it relevant for the world we live in today.

Everything you need to develop your people.

We cover all elements from attraction through to retention, but not as you know it

Understand the individuals personal and professional needs. Put skills at the core of their development.

Simplify everyday manager tasks.

Give managers the tools they need to be successful.

My Team

One stop shop for all your team engagements and actions.

Manage skills, missions, goals, experiences and bounties in one place for all your team. Allow the individual to take control of their career and support them where needed.


Get ahead of surveys and resignations through alignments.

Formal issue management to allow the manager to work with the individual across their personal and professional needs.


Understand the drivers of performance and what makes a difference.

Full reporting suite across attraction & retention, engagement & performance and skills.

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The world of work has changed forever, its time career management does the same.

Simple pricing, for everyone.

Always free for the individual and low cost simple pricing for the company.


Our software will always be free for the Individual to use.


  • Career Story
  • Skills Framework
  • Needs Assessment
  • Experiences
  • Positions
  • Offers
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Attraction & Recruitment

We only charge based on performance and we give 5% back to the individual.


  • Positions
  • Offers
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All other modules

From small to large enterprises we keep it simple, per seat per month.


  • Missions
  • Alignments
  • Bounties
  • Insights
  • Goals
  • Experiences
  • Skills Framework
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